Math Challenges That
Go Above and Beyond

Designed by the global leader in advanced math education, Beast Academy is an engaging, rigorous math curriculum for elementary students.

Through our interactive online platform and captivating comic-based storylines, students tackle tough challenges that move them to math mastery.

Build Your Student's Problem-Solving Skills for School and Life

Beast Academy is an advanced comic-based math program for students ages 6–13.
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We're All Math Beasts — But We Weren't Born This Way

With advanced degrees from schools like MIT, Princeton, and Stanford, plus numerous math teaching and competition awards, our Beast Academy creators are all math beasts. But, we weren't always like this.

Beast Academy is the curriculum we wish we had as kids — one meant to spark “Aha!” moments and ignite the joy of problem solving for the next generation of math beasts.

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Tailor to Your Learning Style

Choose from Beast Academy guidebooks and workbooks, our self-paced online program, or both!

Our flexible online platform meets students wherever they're learning, whereas our books offer valuable breaks from screen time.

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Mastery, Not Memorization

We designed the curriculum we wish we had growing up — one that is monstrously engaging, rigorous, and comprehensive. Students learn higher-order reasoning skills and how to think critically — not just how to memorize.

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A Problem-Solver’s Skill Stack

BA students regularly tackle tough problems. In doing so, they gain a skill stack that extends far beyond math alone. They gain resilience, creativity, and perseverance that can be used in any field of study.

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Endless Games and Puzzles

With 20,000+ problems, puzzles, and skill games across our practice books and online lessons, students never run out of content.

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Want Live Instruction for Your Beast Academy Student?

Learn about AoPS Academy Virtual Campus.

Other AoPS Programs

Art of Problem Solving offers two other multifaceted programs. AoPS Online provides advanced online math curriculum to students grades 5–12. And AoPS Academy brings our methodology to students grades 2–12 through small, in-person classes at local campuses.

Through our three programs, AoPS offers the most comprehensive honors math pathway in the world. View a full comparison of our program offerings.

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Beast Academy is the elementary school math program created by Art of Problem Solving, a global leader in advanced K–12 math education. AoPS is training the intellectual leaders of the next generation by preparing motivated students for college and career success.

At Beast Academy, we believe in teaching advanced math concepts early, so students build a problem solving foundation for more advanced math and science classes in the years to come. Learn more about us.