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Beast Academy: Results from the Classroom

Beast Academy shows positive results on student outcomes, including improved math test scores, self-efficacy, motivation, persistence, and confidence.

Beast Academy Moves Mankato Students Up an Additional 1-2 Grade Levels on National MAP Assessment Scores

WestEd ran an independent evaluation of the Beast Academy program in Mankato Area Public Schools, a K–12 school district in Mankato, Minnesota. The study measured the impact of Beast Academy on 1,027 students enrolled in grades 2 through 4 over a two-year period.

Beast Academy had a significant impact on students’ math achievement: Students who used Beast Academy an average of 30 minutes per week gained 1-2 grade levels on their spring 2021 National MAP Assessment Scores, as compared to those who didn’t use Beast Academy. See full technical report.

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The More Beast Academy, the Greater the Improvement

The more lessons students attempted, the greater their increase in math achievement compared to students without Beast Academy exposure.

MAP Assessment Score vs. Student Usage Chart
Image of Profressor Grok

Note: Higher levels of Beast Academy usage were associated with larger differences in math performance between Beast Academy students and their matched comparison group peers who did not use the program.

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Beast Academy Improves Student Self-Beliefs About Their Mathematical Ability

Students using Beast Academy had more positive attitudes and perceptions toward math as compared to peers not using Beast Academy.

Beast Academy students demonstrated:

  • Higher motivation to study
  • Higher effort and perseverance
  • Increased interest in mathematics
  • Improved appraisals of their own abilities in math
  • Increased levels of confidence in their ability to do difficult math work
  • Increased beliefs about mathematics as a learnable subject


“I like Beast Academy because it is difficult and it teaches math in different ways.”


“My favorite thing about Beast Academy is working as a team and figuring out problems together.”


“[Beast Academy] makes me want to keep trying and not give up in math even when it’s hard.”

9 out of 10 educators believe their students’ problem-solving abilities have improved since starting BA.

9 out of 10 educators believe BA supports the development of their students’ logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

— Results from AoPS’s Educator Experience Report, which surveyed BA customers from 57 unique schools.

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A Flexible Model that Fits Your School

See how schools are tailoring Beast Academy and AoPS Online to their classrooms, teachers, and existing programs.

Des Moines Public Schools

Des Moines, Iowa

Increasing advanced math rigor in Iowa’s largest public school district


Power up the accelerated math program, grades 2-5.


11 of the district’s 38 elementary schools piloted the program with advanced math students. Before long, the district implemented AoPS Online advanced math curriculum at the secondary level, for motivated learners in grades 5-12.


After just 10-12 weeks of using Beast Academy, 58% of the students who participated had larger gains (beyond normal growth) in math on the Measures of Academic Progress (NWEA MAP) from winter to spring than they had from fall to winter.

Beast Academy promotes team-talk and team thinking. That’s not typical in instruction in mathematics. It provides the framework, structure, and motivation for students to learn from each other as well as from the material.

— Jolene Teske, Supervisor of Gifted and Talented Education

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Princeton Public Schools

Princeton, Minnesota

Early BA instruction leads to an accelerated pathway in middle school and beyond


Build accelerated math options with the goal of helping students develop high-level problem solving skills.


In 2016, Princeton introduced BA as the core curriculum for advanced 5th grade math students and as a supplement to classroom instruction for students in grades 2-4. By 2018, they’d expanded into middle school with 6th grade students taking AoPS Online courses. By 2019, 6-8th grade students were using AoPS Online.


Princeton has been able to build a fully accelerated math pipeline from 2nd through 9th grade. Once students finish middle school, they’re ready for the AoPS Intro to Geometry course. And once they finish 9th grade, they’re ready for Precalculus.

I don’t think anyone does it better right now, that I’ve found, than Beast Academy.

— Samantha Heitke, District Coordinator of Advanced Academics

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TVT Community Day School

Irvine, California

A core curriculum for advanced math students, grades 2-5


Increase the level of rigor in the school’s math instruction.


BA curriculum was introduced to accelerated students in grades 3-5 first, and after experiencing strong results, the school introduced it to 2nd graders the next year. Students used the curriculum for their entire daily math block.


Students took ownership of learning, and built perseverance and problem-solving skills. They developed patience and flexibility, understanding that a problem can be solved in multiple ways – skills that can be applied to any subject.

It’s the only math program I’ve ever used that I don’t have to pull supplements for.

— Lindsay Melia, Math Specialist

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The Beast Academy Approach to Problem Solving

At Beast Academy, we believe in introducing advanced math concepts early, so students build a solid problem-solving foundation for more challenging math and science classes as they grow.

Our curriculum is the one we wish we had growing up: Engaging, rigorous, and comprehensive. By regularly tackling tough problems, students build a problem solving skill stack — the true currency for 21st-century success in academics, career, and life.

Count on a Math Leader

Beast Academy is the elementary math program created by Art of Problem Solving, a global leader in advanced K-12 math education. Since 1993, our trusted advanced curriculum has prepared hundreds of thousands of motivated students for college and career success.

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