Placement Tests to Help You Choose Where to Begin

We recommend that you choose your student's Beast Academy Level by their age:

  • Students ages 8-9 should begin Beast Academy in Level 2
  • Students ages 9-10 should begin Beast Academy in Level 3
  • Students ages 10-12 should begin Beast Academy in Level 4
  • Students ages 11-13 should begin Beast Academy in Level 5

You can use the placement tests below to help you choose the right level.

There are four placement tests for each BA level, one for each book. For example, level 2 includes tests for Beast Academy 2A, 2B, 2C, and 2D. Each test covers three chapters. For example, 2A covers Chapters 1-3, 2B covers Chapters 4-6, etc.

Students using BA Online have access to every chapter in every level and can adjust as needed while using the program.

Each test includes instructions for administration and grading, as well as complete solutions.

Ready to move beyond Beast Academy?

The next step for students who have completed the Beast Academy book series is AoPS Prealgebra.

Learn about making the transition to AoPS Online in our article, "What's next after Beast Academy?"

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