Use the documents below to help you plan and organize lessons using Beast Academy books and online materials.

If you are planning to use both the Practice book and BA Online, we recommend using one as the primary source of practice and the other as a supplement when needed.


The sequence documents divide each chapter into 10-15 units. Each unit is labeled as a Lesson, Puzzle, Game, Challenge, or Enrichment. Lessons should be considered required core concepts, while all other categories can be considered optional (though we recommend you use them all).

Units include links to the Common Core Standards they cover.

The right column lists the relevant Practice Book pages and Online lessons for each unit. Guide Book pages are only included with the first unit they introduce, though they typically cover several units.

Ready to move beyond Beast Academy?

The next step for students who have completed the Beast Academy book series is AoPS Prealgebra.

Learn about making the transition to AoPS Online in our article, "What's next after Beast Academy?"

In each BA level, the Standards chart shows which Common Core Standards are covered and in which chapters.

The overviews include a description of the most important concepts and skills covered in each BA chapter, along with our recommendations on how to guide students as they learn them.

Some chapter overviews are under construction and will be added when they are complete.

We are developing new resources to help you use Beast Academy in your classes. Watch for new materials here!

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