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Engaging Storylines

BA Online includes complete versions of the richly-illustrated BA Guide books, giving students the freedom to explore the books at their leisure or jump straight to relevant sections while practicing their skills.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Students gain access to 20,000+ problems, puzzles, and activities across more than 1000 lessons. Interactive puzzles, designed by World Puzzle Champion Palmer Mebane, provide engaging review both within lessons and in the dedicated Puzzle Lab.

Tablet showing Beast Academy online puzzle with BA character teacher Fiona

1000+ Instructional Videos

Learn from AoPS CEO, Olympiad winner, and math beast extraordinaire, Richard Rusczyk, in over 1000 instructional videos. These videos model the skills and problem-solving strategies needed to excel in BA Online.

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Detailed Parent Tools

With multiple progress metrics and difficulty levels, BA Online motivates students to keep going. We track multiple aspects of a student’s mathematical development, so parents can keep a pulse on progress and adjust as necessary.

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Always in Session

Self-paced curriculum lets students work at their own pace, supported by instructional videos and real-time
assessments. Get immediate feedback when you complete problems, with full solutions provided at
every step.

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