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BA Online is a complete web-based math curriculum designed to help students ages 6‑13 deepen their understanding of math. A subscription to BA Online gets a student access to all the material from the whole program (Level 1 through Level 5), which includes:

  • Digital versions of all 20 Beast Academy Guide books.
  • More than 1000 lessons with over 20,000 problems with complete solutions.
  • More than 1000 instructional videos, each tied directly to a lesson.
  • Tests for every chapter.
  • Detailed, printable reports on student progress available through your Parent Account.

See how our subscription works with our BA Online DemoBA Online Demo (Tablet & Desktop only).

Due to the challenging problems included in our program, we generally recommend that students start about a level "behind" their current grade level in a more traditional curriculum. However, a BA Online subscription will give your student access to all of the material from Level 1 through Level 5. You will have complete control over which levels and lessons your student can work on in BA Online.

Check out our Demo VersionDemo Version (Tablet & Desktop only) with your student to see how lessons work, read parts of the digital Guide books, and watch examples of the videos. Like the rest of the student world in BA Online, you'll need to use either a computer or tablet to access the Demo.

You can also try a BA Online subscription and cancel it within 14 days of purchase for a refund.

Aim to spend 12–15 days teaching a chapter of Beast Academy in order to finish one level in a standard school year. We recommend assigning work in Beast Academy Online by time and not by lesson—while most lessons take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete, some may take an hour or more. It's also fine not to complete every single lesson in Beast Academy Online. For students who use Beast Academy as their primary curriculum, we recommend at least 3 hours of practice per week.

Use the Sequence documents to coordinate the reading and practice for each topic, whether your student is using Beast Academy Online, the paper Guide and Practice books, or both.

Beast Academy is loosely based on the Common Core standards. It covers the key topics for grades 1 through 5, as well as many middle standards. Topics are covered in greater depth and with more opportunities for problem solving and logical thinking than in other programs.

See our Standards charts for the topics covered by Beast Academy.

Three subscription options are available:

  • Monthly subscriptions, which cost $/month ($/month for each additional sibling on the same Parent Account, up to 6 total children).
  • Yearly subscriptions, which cost $/year ($/year for each additional sibling on the same Parent Account, up to 6 total children).
  • Bundle subscriptions include a Yearly subscription plus a full year level of the paper Guide and Practice books for $/year.
    • There is no discount for additional Bundle subscriptions.
    • If you have an active Bundle subscription, you can add a Yearly subscription for an additional child for $/year.

Save with Friends on Yearly subscriptions by purchasing Yearly subscription codes together here.

See the enrollment page to learn more and sign up.

Each student will need their own subscription to BA Online. A subscription includes access to all the online material from Level 1 through Level 5, plus detailed reports on student progress through the linked Parent Account.

See the enrollment page to read more and sign up for a subscription.

Beast Academy Online is a web-based program that can be run from a computer or tablet with internet access and an updated version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. It is not recommended for student use on phones.

Beast Academy Online is not supported on Kindle devices that do not use one of the browsers listed above.

Read more about our technical requirements on our Online Supported Systems page.

Beast Academy currently offers a read-aloud option for problems, instructions, and solutions in Level 1 as well as problems in Level 2. We'll be adding similar functionality to other areas of BA Online as we train our robot how to read more complex math expressions.

BA Online also includes over 1000 supplemental videos that accompany the lessons. These videos provide extra reinforcement for students who may not read fluently yet and also help introduce them to mathematical vocabulary.

Preview a few of these videos through our BA Online DemoBA Online Demo (Tablet & Desktop only).

Beast Academy is a flexible program that can be used in different ways. Either the paper Guide and Practice books or Beast Academy Online offer a complete curriculum on their own, and students have the option to use either version or a combination of both, depending on their needs. However, while the lessons in the Practice books and BA Online are similar in style, the problems are all distinct—we didn't repeat any material between the two.

Use the Sequence documents to coordinate the reading and practice for each chapter, whether your student is using Beast Academy Online, the paper Guide and Practice books, or both.

A student can only access the BA Online material, including the digital Guide books, lessons, videos, and tests, while their subscription is active.

Your Parent Account will always let you view your student's progress, even after their subscription expires. If you'd like your student to use Beast Academy Online again, you can reactivate their subscription—all their data and progress will still be there.

Read on for more about Parent Accounts in Beast Academy Online.

Students who are done with Beast Academy Online will be ready to start learning more abstract math, starting with AoPS Prealgebra 1 Online Course

Read on for more about transitioning your student from BA Online to Prealgebra.

We currently accept purchase orders for BA Online Yearly and Bundle subscriptions, as well as all Beast Academy books.

To order BA books or BA Online for individual students, please follow our purchase order instructions.

Or read on for more about using BA Online in the classroom.

Visit our Parent Support pages to learn more about getting started in Beast Academy Online.

Student usernames are used by the system to uniquely identify your student and track your child's progress. Once set, the username is not able to be changed.